A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember

Yet another dinner party goes wrong!


  • Good dramatic storyline
  • Free


  • Fiddly puzzles and controls

Not bad

A Night to Remember is a short point and click mystery. Made with Adventure Game Studio, a program designed for making this type of game, it's a short, intriguing little experience.

You play a con man, who has found a rich business man in need of company after his wife's death. Deciding he is your perfect target, after befriending him. you find yourself at a dinner party in his mansion. It's a dark and stormy night, and of course, all is not what it seems...

What follows is a nice little story, wrapped in standard point and click mechanics. You wander around, looking at things, finding things and solving puzzles, and occasionally there are cut scenes for some of the more dramatic moments. Graphically A Night to Remember is really basic, but the 8-bit style is well enough done to give the game some atmosphere. The sound is mixed, with some good incidental music, and some really old fashioned sound effects!

The main problem with A Night to Remember is the puzzles. There is a kind of logic, but you'll probably realize that after randomly clicking at things for a while. This isn't helped by an old fashioned itinerary, and finicky controls. When frustration sets in, desire to see out the story soon disappears. If you don't get stuck, you can finish A Night to Remember in half and hour, making it a neat little adventure. But if you get into trouble, there are no help files or hints.

A Night to Remember is an interesting and sometimes surprising adventure story spoiled by strange puzzles and awkward controls.

A Night To Remember


A Night To Remember

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